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Yes! Yes!!! Yes!!!

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it appears i can once again log in here!!  So far so good, now if only i were home.  I’ve had a very busy couple of  days, freaking and tweaking and fractalin’.   I was doing quite well just from scratch, until i decided to give the latest Silly Script a test drive.

Lets just say, it was well over 14 hours later that i realized i was still sitting on in front of the computer and JWildfire, and I couldn’t get my hand to release the mouse.   lol


As soon as i get home from work, ) providing I get logged in, i shall be  sharing some more flames and maybe even Art with you.


I am am going to have a flame hunt on my hands when i do, I remember tweaking Turkish Rose(?), that was actually the beginning of another marathon fractalin’ session.

May there be many more!


One thought on “Yes! Yes!!! Yes!!!

  1. So glad you got logged in 🙂 This fractalin can be addictive you’re right, you should see me putting the scripts together. A lot of the time is spent just playing instead of editing code 🙂

    Hopefully the problems now are a thing of the past, am so sorry to you and to anyone who had them.

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