Yes! Yes!!! Yes!!!

it appears i can once again log in here!!  So far so good, now if only i were home.  I’ve had a very busy couple of  days, freaking and tweaking and fractalin’.   I was doing quite well just from scratch, until i decided to give the latest Silly Script a test drive.

Lets just say, it was well over 14 hours later that i realized i was still sitting on in front of the computer and JWildfire, and I couldn’t get my hand to release the mouse.   lol


As soon as i get home from work, ) providing I get logged in, i shall be  sharing some more flames and maybe even Art with you.


I am am going to have a flame hunt on my hands when i do, I remember tweaking Turkish Rose(?), that was actually the beginning of another marathon fractalin’ session.

May there be many more!


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1 thought on “Yes! Yes!!! Yes!!!”

  1. So glad you got logged in 🙂 This fractalin can be addictive you’re right, you should see me putting the scripts together. A lot of the time is spent just playing instead of editing code 🙂

    Hopefully the problems now are a thing of the past, am so sorry to you and to anyone who had them.

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