Totally delusional

How to say it ? After many hesitations and a talk with thoth, i finally published on youtube small tests with the jwildfire emovie module. I’m happy to do it. And I add audio from space probe voyager but…

But you cannot see it because youtube has detected a copyright infringement/claim ! Yes ! The audio has been made by the nasa voyager space probe during its journey into space but, in fact, the audio is from a pop artist known as costa – ojas ! The sound and music is radically at the opposite side of pop music. So youtube asks me to accept the copyright and i have to accept adds on the video and pay an artist that i don’t know.

The only way is to contest this copyright claim and wait. Totally delusional.

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1 thought on “Totally delusional”

  1. That is crazy, absolutely crazy. I had the same thing when I posted my video before. I had used some output from a screensaver, and they blocked it because of a copyright claim. Eventually the copyright holder said I could use it if I credited their screensaver. NASA is public domain, so there shouldn’t be any problems with their stuff.

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