Moving Layers?

Can anyone tell me if there is a way of rearranging layers? It seems like there should be but I just can’t work it out. I’ve tried selecting a layer and dragging to move but it doesn’t work. The only thing I’ve been able to do is duplicate the layer but that just places the duplicated layer at the end of the list, I can choose where in the list I want it.

Also – not sure if this is the best way to post a question – if there’s a more appropriate way let me know 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Moving Layers?”

  1. Yes, it is impossible to do that (unless a hidden setting or feature exists). The only way is to carefully look at what you do.
    Plus, there is another behavior to know by using layers. The first layer have a strong influence on other layers which inherit some of its properties. If the first layer is in a pseudo 3d look, so the other layers inherit this property.
    Henceforth by combining 3d and 2d layers between them, either it could be risky or give something very interesting.
    I believe this is why there is no way to move layers due to the principle of inheritance.
    On the other hand, i try to choose 2 layers with a similar construction and test which is the best to be first.
    There are other things to know : by using layers, the camera and coloring tabs work for all layers. But the gradient tab works for each layer.
    If you want to move in the plan a selected fractal/layer, you have to add a final variation (keep linear 3d as the default), activate it and you can move this fractal in the plan in any way you want.
    Not so easy, but the hard work can give you great results !

    • Thanks! Some of that I have discovered eg adding a final variation to a layer so I can move it around individually and the gradients. Also layers influencing each other. It’s important to try to plan the layers and what order to put them in because of how they can effect each other. Haven’t actally combining 3D and 2D! Knowing my luck something very risky!:)

  2. Sorry Bronwyn, I decided to sacrifice the forum again from the site, no one was using it and it consumed way too many resources. You did the right thing by creating a blog post. I’ll try and think of a non forum way for questions and answers.As to your layers question, I can’t see of any way of re-arranging them, unless you save the flame out and do it manually in a text editor, then re-load it.

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