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Hyperspace using CSS and complex formulae, to have you whizzing through the universe.

CSS wormhole by Indrek Paas

See the Pen CSS wormhole by Indrek Paas (@indrekpaas) on CodePen.dark

10 thoughts on “CSS wormhole”

  1. hello, wondering how to do this just as a video to use in a stream bg, is there a specific way to do this in jwildfire? or a script i can use? I have watched the tutorial on looping but a lot of what i do doesn’t seem to work out properly, still a bit new to this. I’d really like to have the endless looping tunnel with a lot of different fractals. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Thinking about it again, you could use JWildfire to do this, and use it’s animation features, it’d be a bit hit and miss and you’d have to get a flame that spread images out from the centre.

      I did one where you can load an image in and it zooms it out from the centre here, it uses colormap_wf so you can load in an image (fractal or otherwise) . You could then set the JWildfire animation going to zoom toward the centre and rotating at the same time.

    • 3rd reply, it might be an idea if you’ve not done so already to join our Facebook group, and search out a guy called Joey Giamberissi or Brad Stefanov to give you more ideas on your animation.

  2. Hi Jay,

    The code isn’t JWildfire related so can’t do the wormhole anim in there, I guess what you could do is alter the code as seen here (background pic) and point it to different fractals, then capture the animation with a screen cap utility. Only thing is, then blending the separate animations together would be tricky.

    I don’t know enough myself to be able to say how you could script something between fractals for the different wormholes etc.

    Ideally the best way would be to use After Effects by Adobe, they have animations like this and you can switch images in there, but that’s a bit of a steep learning curve.

    Another option is to look at Visions of Chaos software (free) and there’s some excellent “Shader toys” in there which will create wormholes and you can record etc.

    It’s going to be a learning curve whichever method you use, just wish I could help more.

  3. Thanks, ya I made a request to join the group, just waiting on a response. I know with the right fractals it can be done as I have a test animation I did that almost does this. I just can’t seem to get it to look like moving forward into an endless tunnel, when I try to adjust the camera it just zooms in AND out and I just want one direction. I’ll post my test on fb when I am accepted.

    • Thanks Jay, I accepted you into the group. I’m not around much in the group currently, but I’ll try to make effort to get in and see what you’ve done. Am sure plenty of help will be offered in there.

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