Adding your own flames to the Bloomin Flower Power Scripts

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How to use

Click the copy to clipboard button at the top right of the code below (looks like two squares overlaid), then go to JWildfire, and click the From Clipboard button. The flame will now be ready to play with. Remember to always link to any flame you tweak if you post your images online.

One of the nice features with the Bloomin Flower Power scripts, is that a set of scripts reads in flame files and displays them in interesting and randomised ways. There are well over a hundred flame files included in this area, but you can add your own. You can even remove the existing ones (sacrilege!) and just replace them with your own. Probably best just add your own in there. This is a Windows based tutorial, but am sure Mac users would be able to do similar.  Please leave comments if you have suggestions for that.

As there are over a hundred, it may take time for yours to show, as the scripts pick one at random. Be patient.

There’s another way to do this, but that’s for another tutorial.

Ok let’s crack on…

Step 1 Find where the scripts are stored on your computer

We need to run JWildfire and look inside the settings for where our scripts are stored. If you already know where they are stored, you can skip ahead to Step 3.



Step 2 Look inside the preferences for tinaJWF script path


Step 3 Let’s go to our scripts folder

We can see here in our scripts folder, the Bloomin Flower Power Folder. We’re going to want to open this folder to see what’s inside.

Step 4 Open the Bloomin Flower Power Folder

Inside the main script folder you’ll see a 0Bloomers Sub folder, so open this…

Step 5 Open the 0Bloomers Sub Folder

Ok, now we’re in here, we can see the flame files that come with the script, there’s a lot of them ! (Thanks MiMi) this is where we’re going to paste our flame files.

Step 6 Open folder where your flame files are

Once you’re in the folder where your own flame files are, highlight them and right click and select Copy. You can always highlight them and press CTRL C instead if that’s your thing.

Step 7 Back to the script sub folder to paste

Now right click inside your script sub folder and choose paste, or your can press CTRL V (to paste). Your flame files will now be copied inside the script sub folder and be ready to use.

Step 8 Back inside JWildfire and scan the scripts

I don’t think this step is necessary, but I’d do it anyway just to make sure.

Step 9 Run the scripts

Go to the scripts tab inside JWildfire, find the Bloomin Flower Power scripts, double click to open that, then find the 0Bloomers Sub folder, and double click that. You’ll then see the list of scripts for that section. Highlight the one you want to run, and click Run (you can also double click the name in the latest version). The script will run and it will use a flame file from the long list. Please note again, it picks one completely at random, so you might not see yours for a while. You can remove the sample flames inside the folder and just paste yours in, but you’ll more than likely want to keep the wonderful sample files in there.

If this method is too random for you, I’ll do another tutorial soon on how to use copy and paste within JWildfire for single flames.

Any comments leave below, and I’ll do my best to answer as soon as I can.



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