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Michael Hobbs got back with me on the answer to your question. This is a direct copy-and-paste from what he told me:

have a link to Andreas answering exactly this question. his answer – “1. Normally, in solving the IFS (iterated function system) each transform may be chosen after each other (independently).

2. You can influence this by choosing two types of weights:
– absolute weights (absolute probability to choose a certain transform at all)
– relative weights between transform A and B (probability to chose transform B, if transform A was selected before)

By default, all absolute weights are equal, and all relative weights are 1.0

3. A linked transform between two transforms A and B is a shortcut to set relative weights in a way, that
a) transform B can only be chosen after A was chosen
b) transform B is always chosen after A was chosen

I. E., a linked transform can also be achieved by setting the relative weights manually”