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While we’re waiting for someone to offer an answer, here are two links I just found that may help.

Also, I found this definition in a glossary of terms: Linked transform – A transform in a particular intimate relationship with another via xaos, opacity and color speed settings. Essentially, one transform’s ‘traffic’ (hits within the Chaos Game) is routed exclusively through another, which effectively becomes a post-transform with full transform properties.

Chaos Game
The defining process for creating IFS (and therefore flame) fractals: a random point is ‘tranformed’ by the mapping function(s) (variations) contained in each of the transforms, the choice of which is influenced by the transform weight. The final fractal, to have sufficient aesthetic appeal, must have been generated by millions of such iterations.

The glossary of terms is found here: http://www.ultragnosis.com/fractals/Resources/Apophysis-Glossary.html

Note: That page was written for Apophysis, but there are many similarities to JWildfire. Most of it is the same.

I hope that helps for now. I’ll go ask some others what they think.