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Michael Samuels

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Hello Merrill..

Welcome to the site..

As to downloading Gradients..

1 : You need to make a folder/ directory to store them in on your computer

2 : you need to copy and paste this location / address , so you ca put in preferences in Jwildfire..

eg: C:/documents/Jwildfire/gradients

3 : Open Jwildfire

4: At Top menu. Click on Settings..

5: move mouse down to where it say Preferences

6: Scroll Down on the list to you see – TinaGradientPath .. this is where Gradients will be saved/ stored for Jwildfire.. – see attached image

7: on the right of where it says TinaGradientPaths.. it is shows the default path where gradients will be stored/ saved to.. Click on this.. to edit and copy and paste the folder/ directory address in

8: then once you have done this.. Click the Bottom Button at the bottom right of window…

– [ Save and close ] .. so it will save your preferences

Now : you should have a folder to store any gradient files you make or get for JWildfire..

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