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Sorry it’s taken a while to get a reply Bruce.

The difference between the two is that Jesus’ version has some different variations you can play with, that aren’t in the normal JWildfire. You can add some of them into the standard JWildfire manually, but that is a bit tricky to master. I will be doing a tutorial on it soon, but for ease of use it’s best to just run Jesus’ version.

It is a stand alone program, which you can run separately from the standard JWF. In essence, it’s like having two copies of JWF. So you don’t choose from a menu or anything, you just choose which one you want to run.

You have to remember though, that if you create a flame with a variation from Jesus’ version and share it, it won’t be compatible with the standard JWF it will only work in his version.  Otherwise it works the same way. If you don’t share the flame code, nothing to worry about you can create great graphics in either.

Hope that helps.