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Hi, (sorry for my schoolar english, it’s so far away…)

I’m not specialist of jwildfire, but I think creating a new flame is the most difficult thing in this program.

I use the both way, random batch or new from scratch, to create.

Random: when I found something pleasant, I add or apply some transformations to give the flame something more personal. I make random variation on the differents values still I found the wanted effects/results. It’s clearly a long way, and I frequently stop project by missing of time.

New from scratch: I start with one non-linear transformation, and I duplicate once or more this with axial or origin symmetry. Sometime I keep the same transformation, sometime I try another one, it depend of the result. It is a slow method, but I thing it’s better to understand what done non-linears transformation. My regrets is I don’t take note of my observation, so I forget many of my discoveries…


I both case, when my flame seems finished (but you agree it’s never finished…) I try some post- effects like symmetry, zoom, I enjoy the bokeh effect, giving sometime a pseudo 3d effect…

So I clearly use a random method to create my flame.