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Carol Herzer

I use Muta a lot!! It is a great tool, a lot depends on what you put in there. I will take a flame, go muta, pick one and run that one through and go several generations, In between go to transforms and mess around, play with the camera, post symmetry, gradients change weights move triangles, add and eliminate transforms, make a lot of screenshots in the process. etc. A lot of messing around. That is how I work, just visual, I have to see it. I do not know a lot here, there are people who know all kinds of stuff I do not do, but I get great images anyway. I have tried all kinds of combinations on muta, tend to not go for the bokeh. Helps if youi know what is in the users. USER 1= ADD TRANSFORM,CHANGE WEIGHT,AFFINE AND RANDOM PARAM. USER 2= RANDOM GRADIENT, LOCAL GAMMA. USER 3= AFFINE BOKEH RANDOM FLAME.