Prim 6 Solids

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Prim6 Epush | Prim 6 SolidsPrim6 pie3d | Prim 6 SolidsPrim 6 plusrecip polarplot2d | Prim 6 SolidsPrim6 MobiQ | Prim 6 SolidsPrim 6 Cpow | Prim 6 Solids Prim 6 Cpow3 | Prim 6 Solids

Solid Fractal Images created in J Wildfire 5.60. The renders start with using Primitive shape #6 and reduced to a thin ring. Second variation can be anything with a post enabled z scale variation. Set the systems Preserve Z button (depressed)=on. With preserve z set to on and a post zscale variation added; this allows any 2d (flat) variation to become a 3D. However, the zscale on a 2d variation will become exagerated and will need to be corrected. You simply scale the added zscale variation to bring it back into focus. I usually end up using negative values to fix it.

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