Rams Head Symmetry

This script was automatically generated by JWildfire V6.22 (16.01.2021) Steam Edition by converting a flame

Rams Head symmetry Solid with BG 2x2 Color randomization 04/06/2021
author="Robert Keen" catagory="Randomizer"
info="Makes Interesting changes and Changes Symmetry Count"

Spent 5 Hours tweaking out the Zcone translation and scaling

This is the first of 5 versions planned as a script.

Will produce a slightly different shape for every 10 clicks.

Tips - I have adjusted Xaos to avoid any fuzzy areas. Feel free to experiment by adjusting any Xaos settings for a different look. You can always reclick for a reset. You can also try other shape solids in place of Waveblur_wf (Tested Obj Mesh_wf , Polarplot3d, L System3D and Parplot2d for some really interesting shapes. However, you will have to scale down any swapped out variation to bring it into focus. I also experimented with swapping out the Linear3d on transform 3 to any other variation. Even 2d variations proved interesting, but you need to leave the post enabled Zcone in place for the majic to work. You also need to leave the Hypertile in place with the original settings.

The Zcone can be adjusted from negative values to positive values. This can pull the horns back into its shell or protrude them out as far as you want.

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