Abyss V2

This is the Abyss scripts on steroids! Taken the longest amount of time to create these scripts, and...

Abyss V2

This is the Abyss scripts on steroids! Taken the longest amount of time to create these scripts, and there's a whole stack in there to play with. You can create endless Jellyfish, Featherstar, organisms, seabeds, corals, seashells and more. There are two versions of these scripts, one set automatically generates sea backgrounds behind your fractals to make a cool looking underwater scene. The other set don't have the backgrounds (the set with NB "no backgrounds").

A couple of things to note:

Sometimes you can see backgrounds through the fractals, you can always set fg opacity to 0 on the colouring tab to counteract some of this.

Play with the colouring settings a lot and gradients to get the best looking images.

Always keep clicking the run script button if you don't like what you see, and on some of the scripts the ghost ones etc, give the script time to generate the fractal. It may look bare to begin with, but just wait and watch! Great fun πŸ™‚

Huge thanks to Peggi Wolfe for her flame pack, I'd already started on a flame of similar structure for the shapeshifters, but Peggi used Bubble which gave a new set of inspiration, thanks Peggi. I'd also like to thank Isabelle Derycke for her starfish flame, again allowing all kinds of script possibilities. I'd also like to thank Jesus Sosa for helping me with my code questions, especially helping me fix how to add random backgrounds and to use random subflames. Rick Sidwell and Mick Hogan for their random code examples. Last but no means least, I'd like to thank everyone at the JWildfire Sanctuary facebook group, especially my beta testers.

Because of the amount of work that have gone into these scripts, and for my own reasons, I am licensing these under Creative CommonsΒ  license, basically you can use them however you want just credit the source ie put a link back here, and if you modify the scripts themselves you need to share those in the same way I have.

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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If you share images online that are created with scripts, it is a requirement to post a link to the script that you used, and to credit its creator. If you've never used scripts before please read how to install scripts.

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