Wizard Soupola

Lea Wiggins wrote...

Script Credit: This is a little convoluted. The original Wizard Soup Script was written by Ulli at https://www.deviantart.com/ulliroyal for Apophysis 208 3D Hack.

Then some years ago, Mick Hogan wrote it so it would work in Jwildfire. At some point it would no longer work in jwildfire and recently I asked Michael Bourne to make a script from an old Apophysis Flame that I had taken in to Jwildfire and tweaked. I sent Michael the flame file and he created a randomized script from that flame and then did a few other scripts as well. He also repaired Mick Hogan's version of it.

Samples, all by Lea Wiggins

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  1. Thanks Michael,
    Downloaded them just in case you changed or added anything from earlier. Appreciate all the dedication, hard work, and commitment you put into making this group run like you do, and like it does.
    You rock!

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