Weird Sphere – Michael Bourne and Robert Keen

These scripts came from an original setup by Robert Keen, who was wanting to randomise the variation on the second transform of a flame to see what outputs would look like. I liked the setup, so I kept experimenting with script ideas and it got totally out of hand. As a result there are several dozen scripts here, some which are similar with slight alterations to completely different approaches. They generate abstract 3d shapes using a variety of techniques and tweaks. Some will definitely look terrible given that random variations are chosen from the full list. No problem, just hit that run script button until you get one you like.

Some may not render well due to positioning and some other factors, try playing around with the antialiasing settings, or move the transforms around. Also try using IR button for a smoother render. I'm sure Robert will post something as a comment here to give further tips.  These scripts may be updated in time, for more advanced techniques, but there's certainly enough at the moment to get your fractal teeth stuck into.

When extracted there are two folders of scripts, one folder keeps the same parameter for the obj_mesh_primitive shape for all the scripts, the second folder is the same scripts but the obj_mesh_primitive shape is randomised between 14 presets.

Adding a reflection surface to the shapes looks great, especially with the same image used as the background, see the tutorial here.

If you use these images, it would be nice if you gave credit and added a link back here so that others may try out the scripts for themselves.


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