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Samhain Splits - M Bourne Halloween 2018/December 2018

A good collection of splits and some ornate patterns to use as computer wallpaper, for tweaking, for actual wallpaper (go on I dare you)

Too tired to write out a full description for each of these, you'll see from the Transforms and variations, what's going on anyway. Even if you don't, just remember to play with the settings.

I'd like to thank Jesus Sosa and Rick Sidwell for their random number routines, Mick Hogan for his random variation selector code, and Robert Keen/Don Town for suggesting anti alias settings to reduce the dots on the glynnsim variations.

December 2018 Update 3.5

A few new super cool scripts have been added to the collection they're prefixed with 00 and they're mainly about Julia, and Julia in space 🙂 They're pretty amazing (even if I do say so myself).

Note... some of the scripts use glynnsim1 to fill holes in the centre. The side effect of this is you might spot some dots on your images, if these bother you, delete the glynnsim1 transforms from the flame and find another way to fill the holes. Sometimes you don't have to, anyway, the option is there. Again thanks to Robert Keen and Don Town for suggesting setting the anti alias to 0 to reduce the size of the dots.

I've also added a fairly big sample flame pack for you to play with, Happy Christmas 🙂

If you don't know how to install scripts, there's a tutorial here...



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    • Hi Peggi,

      The difference is that as I worked on the scripts I kept tweaking them, so the smaller numbers are the older versions. Some might prefer the older versions over the newer ones, so I left all versions available. Probably go for the latest, then if you like them, try the older ones in separate folders?

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