Redefined Scripts

I was experimenting with new ways to show off the parplot variation (my favourite) and got hooked on it again. Also again, ended up creating scripts to try out different settings randomly. Although they're very simple scripts, they can produce some amazing images.

Things to bear in mind.

  1. Even though some are labelled 3D they're not really, they just look it. Try clicking the 3D button, as some will create 3D images.
  2. ALWAYS use the IR render button to render these images, the normal render button makes them a bit grainy.
  3. Experiment with the colour settings, brightness, gamma etc to get the look that you like.
  4. I do spend a fair bit of time making these scripts, so if you use the results, it would be good if you could let others know where they are, so they can try them.
  5. I absolutely want to see what you make with them, that's one of the main reasons I release them.
  6. There is an included gradient file which has to be inside the same folder the scripts are, so just extract everything to the same folder.

For help installing scripts see this page


Download Summary

Sample image

Please credit and or link to this resource if you use them to create your images. For more information please read this

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