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Light and Dark Scripts

You MUST load the Light and Dark Flamepack and have a flame selected for these scripts to work, otherwise you will just get errors. There's going to be another way round this, and I'll release updated scripts at a later date that won't need this. It's just so I can get these out quickly.

Ok, with that out of the way, I need to thank Whittaker Courteney for his excellent custom variation and CozyG for his code to load custom variations inside of scripts.

Also, I was going to spend a lot of time making lots of scripts and versions of them, but you know, one thing is sometimes said to me, which is you make them so that it makes great pictures and there's nothing much to play with. So, here are the basics you can play away and create your own versions of the output. Try adding an additional final, or add a variation after the custom_wf and play around like that.

As always, if you post pics using these scripts, it's expected you will post a link to the download. Not much to ask given you're getting these tools for freebies. 🙂

Michael Bourne
March 2021

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