Liberty Scripts


Inspired by a flame game, decided to delve further and as usual ended up writing a bunch of Randomiser scripts to go through lots of permutations.

Things to note:

Keep clicking RUN ! I can't stress this enough, there are so many possible settings on these scripts, that you won't always get a great graphic first time! Just keep hitting RUN until you do.

Zoom Out ! (sometimes the images are too big to get all the detail in, so zoom out) or move the camera postions around. Remember, these are only the starting blocks for your tweaking!

USE iRender! to render your fractals, be patient, let it run!! Using Render will give you grainy images.

Change the colours with applying new gradients, a good tip for these is to click the Balancing tab and adjust contrast ont the gradient.

I don't insist on you  crediting me for your creations, but I'd like you to mention where you got the script from (use share button) or 


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Liberty Scripts Image
Please credit and or link to this resource if you use them to create your images. For more information please read this

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