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Ever since I played with stars and moons with the . I wanted to take it further, move into deep space. I deliberately didn't look at other scripts for space, just to see where it went. It's been a while, I hit a few snags on the way. Rick Sidwell, and Whittaker Courtney helped out with a way to make the planets and moons not look transparent. Eventually I got my head around what they were saying, and the result is here.

Really, I wanted something that would create those cool space wallpapers you see on the internet, but have it so that endless combinations could be had by running a script. With that in mind please make sure you render at widescreen for best effect. Something like 1920x1080 or 1200x630 etc.  There's an optional separate flame pack you can load into JWildfire so you can see samples created.

I could've spent a lot longer still on these scripts, but I need to move on to other scripts (mainly re-doing the Heavens scripts).

I'd also like to thank Jesus Sosa for his help with gradients on multiple layers and removing the preview box for layers (if it doesn't disappear, run the script again). I couldn't get my head around the maths for making sure planets don't overlap, so if they do, move them (with the linears) or just re-run the script.

If you use them, it would  be nice to see what you've created, and it would be nice also to let people know about them too so they can try them for themselves.  It's also nice to see my name as a credit, but I don't insist on it at all, maybe just a link here to where you got them.


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Sample image

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8 thoughts on “Hubble Scripts – Michael Bourne”

  1. I am still a novice, but so enjoy this program. These scripts you are providing should allow me to view how layers are used? So far, I have not been able to use layers.
    Thanks so much for posting this, I will use it to widen my knowledge about this beautiful but complicated Fractal Flame Generator.
    Mike McCulley

  2. You’re very welcome indeed Mike, and scripts are a great way to learn about what does what with JWildfire. It is a complicated generator, but well worth the time to experiment and learn with.

    I did use layers as it was the only way I could get the planets/moons against a starry background.

    A good tip for layers is to add a last Final of Linear 3d, then the layers can be moved around by dragging that Linear3D around. I’m still learning a whole bunch of stuff, and am nowhere near scratching the surface really.

    Thanks for taking the time to say thanks and to share your thoughts. You might want to try the new Forum, more organised that way. 🙂

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