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Heavens Scripts

My collection of scripts to create flame fractal skies, flame fractal starfields and flame fractal planets. I'd done a few images like this which seem popular, so I thought for myself and for others, I'd put together a series of scripts to generate these things randomly. This creates a good starting point for your creations, they can be used as backgrounds for images in JWildfire, or other graphics programs where you need a sky or a starfield etc. I like them as my wallpaper.

Because they are randomisers, you'll need to keep hitting the run button to get one you like. Some may look bad, but sometimes that's the luck of the draw, just keep hitting run and you'll end up with one you like.

Also, please use the colouring tab settings to adjust to taste, as well as the camera settings to get it exactly how you like.

I also use perspective transform to give a good image, if you don't like this, delete the transform, or adjust its settings.

If you want to create a sky with a planet / moon. Just render a sky out, or stars as an image. Then use the planet script to create yours, and add your sky/stars image as a background.

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10 thoughts on “Heavens Scripts”

    • Well Frank, I have a lot of work still to do on these scripts, I will release a much better version of these in the coming weeks. I’m glad you like them so far, and thank you for your kind comment.

  1. I would love to download the Heavens scripts by Michael Bourne but that is the only one that tells me access is denied. Am I not going to be able to get those? Or is there something else I need to do? I have registered and logged on with Facebook.

  2. Sorry Christine, I didn’t see this til now.

    Not sure why it’s not seeing the new scripts. Might be best to post about it in the group, there’s only so much I can explain here. Things to check though are that the path to the scripts you’ve extracted is the same as where they are located.

    So for example you extracted the zip files to C:\scriptfiles the settings in JWildfire need to point there.

    Post in the group and if you can, include screenshots so we can figure this out for you.

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