Cybin 3D Scripts

Cybin3D For JWildfire - Michael Bourne

A range of randomised 3D shapes twisted and distorted in various ways.

Keep clicking Run to get a design you like, then play with it to get it to how you want.
Sometimes it takes a few clicks to get a good one, this is simply because there are so many combinations.

Thanks as always to Mick Hogan and Jesus Sosa for their early help with my scripting efforts.

Thanks also to all the people who've downloaded and used the scripts.

It would be nice to get a mention if you use the scripts, but as always I'm not paranoid about it, entirely up to you.


1) Render with iRender option for better fractals
2) Edit the Parplot settings (Color mode 1-3 good one to try)
3) Change the final Transform from Hypertile or whatever it is
4) Manually change the gradient to one you like.
5) Play with camera controls
6) Donate Money to Andreas who created this excellent JWildfire

Download Summary

Sample image

Please credit and or link to this resource if you use them to create your images. For more information please read this

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