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CBMB Julian Loonie Combo

CB MB Julian Loonie Combo (Catherine Boyer / Michael Bourne) 2020

A small set of scripts that tweaks the parameters of Catherine Boyer's great flame to give various new looks to the original. Enjoy !!

If you create images with these scripts, please link back to the download (either the Sanctuary website, or the JWildfire forum) also give thanks to Catherine for her great flame.

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1 thought on “CBMB Julian Loonie Combo”

  1. Ohh, I love Loonies! I overlooked these last time I was here. I came looking for the water script I saw you had mentioned on FB.
    Nabbing these beauties right now.
    As always you are so appreciated for all you do for this group. I get so much emotional satisfaction from the art I create using Jwildfire and the scripts, mostly yours as you will have noticed in my credits to script authors. You rock!

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