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My script collection based on all things flowery, there are flower transforms in JWildfire, but for the most part I decided to go my own way with these scripts. There's plenty to choose from to create great looking flora, some in 3D too. As usual though because these are randomiser scripts, not every time you hit run you'll get something good. Usually you will, but if you don't, keep hitting run until you get one you like.

Please note also, that the output is just a starting point for your creations, it's the intention for you to keep adjusting things until you get something that you really like. Sometimes you'll have to adjust the zoom, or the brightness to get a clearer view. I've put notes on the scripts so you'll see those when you click on each script in turn. Crediting me isn't necessary, but it would be nice to see your creations and to let others know about the scripts.

Without further ado, here are the Bloomz. 🙂

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