Affinity Scripts


Affinity Scripts - Michael Bourne 2018 (JWildfire 3.5 and above only)

What happens when you take affine3D variations, and add parplot ?

Well you get a lot of time spent playing with settings, and movement and rotations and you end up with a script.

Well, in my case you do, then you spend a lot of time tweaking the script to make some nice images, that hopefully people will like and appreciate the work that goes into the scripts.

So.. what's there to know?

Nothing, just keep hitting run script until you get one you like 🙂

Then when you post it, please mention that it was created with Affinity and where to download it, ie a link to the website will be sufficient.

You don't even have to mention me, it's not about me, I want to see the pics.

So get creating.

Thanks to Don Town for better Parplot preset randomisations, Jesus and Rick Sidwell for their random number routines.

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Affinity Scripts Image
Please credit and or link to this resource if you use them to create your images. For more information please read this

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