Photo Ornament Flame Pack

NP-Photo Ornament Flame Pack
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Photo Ornament Flame Pack

I wanted to give you something a little special that everyone could have some fun with. Here are 16  photo ornaments, meaning there is room for an image in the middle of the ornament. Each ornament is a .png, so you can place it right on top of the image you’d like to show off!

In the cover shot, I used a photo of my beloved dog. Oh, the ornament hanger you see in the image isn’t included…. sorry!  Some of the ornaments have a metallic look courtesy of my as yet unpublished Metals gradient pack.

Tweak Tips: Change gradients (that alone can really change the look of the ornament). Change F1. Add or change T3. Have fun and post your favourite ornaments and photos!

All these photo ornaments were created by tweaking Jane Spaulding’s absolutely amazing Pre_recip Project flame pack that you can discover right here:

Nancy Pierce

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