Obj Mesh AtoB Solid Flame Pack 1

Obj Mesh Prim id0 post Variation DB A to B Flame Pack 1. These are starter solid flames. Solids only work well with 1 more variation added or adding a post enabled variation to the Obj Mesh Prim id 0.

Adding an post enabled Dc Hexes, Dc Perlin, Dc Linear or Dc Gnarly as variation3 on transform1 Obj Mesh Prim id 0 will give you a painterly effect in the solid obj. You have to set Dc Gnarlys Blur to 0 in order to see an effect. You can also change to a different plot variation or id # for different combinations. I have also found that adding a post mirror and symmetry helps to create great looking solids.

I have found it best to work with no more then 3 to 4 variations at a time. Adding to many will only be frustrating and will not produce a crisp looking solid. Another tip is to set the Anti Aliasing Spatial Filtering from 1 to 2. This seems to help render noisy pixals but will add to your rendering time. Good Luck!

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