idisk Love – Nancy Pierce

Showing my love for the idisk variation in this, my first ever, flame pack. Here, I’ve used idisk as a final, but it can also work as a transform. I never get weary of the beautiful designs and depths that are possible with this fun variation.

This is a simple flame, but it can be successfully tweaked in so many fun and interesting ways. Change one or all of the variables in T1. Replace T2 with a new variable. Change the weights, especially of T2. Add new variables. You can even add more Finals. The gradient and this flame work beautifully together, but of course change the gradient if you wish. The only tough part is not getting completely carried away …. the world is your oyster, and if your tweaking is spot on, you may just find a pearl. Enjoy!!

If you post your tweaks of this flame pack, be courteous and link back to this site in the Sanctuary so others who might be interested in giving it a try may do so easily 🙂

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