Custom Variation Un-Named


Still need to figure out a name for this custom variation (so ignore whatever the name is at the moment lol).

Equation is atanh(1/sqrt(exp(z)/z2)^2 + 1)) where z2 is a complex number adjustable through the re and im variables and flip does some interesting things.

How to add custom variations

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Custom Variation Un-Named Image
Please credit and or link to this resource if you use them to create your images. For more information please read this
[bg_collapse view="button-blue" color="#f7f7f7" icon="eye" expand_text="Custom Variation Instructions" collapse_text="Hide Instructions" ]You'll need to either add a custom_wf or load the java file please see how to sdd custom variations.


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  1. Hi Whit,
    I wanted to come by and thank you for the amazing custom variations that you have made. I downloaded them and am going to try them out. Your flamework is absolutely spectacular. I consider you to be what I call a “mathlete” when it comes to fractal art.
    Just wanted you to know…

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