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Such a wonderful program, written by our Ian Thompson. It can convert map gradient files to UGR. What does that mean? Well, how  many times have you downloaded gradients and there's a stack of .map files. Wouldn't it be better to combine them all into one file? This is what a UGR is, it's a collection of map gradients.  What else does this program do?

  • It can create gradients from pictures you drop in.
  • It can convert ugrs to maps and maps to ugrs.
  • It has a random function.
  • It also has a random function that creates as many gradients that you want from one image(within set limits on the form)
  • It can remove colors that have been generated from the image

Be sure to click the help menu item which will explain how to use this amazing software.

The program is still in development, so Ian would like to hear of any problems. Join our Facebook group to discuss.


Download Summary

Sample image

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