Poured and Framed

Started with some flames that looked like ornamental photo frames, so then the idea became create fractals that will add an image in the centre of the frame. Thanks to Jesus Sosa for the code to read in the images to colormap_wf. Also big thanks to Nancy Pierce for her excellent metallic gradients which are used in these scripts. There's a few scripts which will read in photos from the "images" subfolder of the script. You must make these jpg files and the file extension must be in lower case mypicture.jpg for example.

The rest of the scripts are the "poured" kind, it was noted that the output looked like acrylic pouring. There's many scripts to try, and there's some scripts which are really just flames as they don't randomise, they're there for you to play with and do your thing. Finally, there's two scripts which I was going to call the Bob Ross scripts, as they "paint" away after running them. They're called "Poured Painted 1&2" .. great fun to watch.

Finally, I've made two tutorials for these scripts, Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2. Have fun folks!!


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