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JWF flower

<flame smooth_gradient=”0″ version=”JWildfire V5.50 (21.12.2019)” size=”1920 1080″ center=”0.6476 -0.494″ scale=”789.7297297297298″ rotate=”27.0″ filter=”0.75″ filter_type=”GLOBAL_SHARPENING” filter_kernel=”MITCHELL_SMOOTH” filter_indicator=”0″ filter_sharpness=”4.0″ filter_low_density=”0.025″ oversample=”1″ post_noise_filter=”0″ post_noise_filter_threshold=”0.35″ quality=”100.0″ background_type=”GRADIENT_2X2_C” background_ul=”0.0 0.0 0.0″ background_ur=”0.0 0.0 0.0″ background_ll=”0.0 0.0 0.0″ …

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For Pop up Game 1 using ‘plusrecip’. Started using Robert Keen’s params, https://www.paster.jwfsanctuary.club/view/30aa2ac7 changed the 2nd variation to asteria and added a third variation acosech

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Happy Valentines Day 2019

Created this one for the monthly theme in my fractal group at DA. All-Fractal-Art   <flame smooth_gradient=”0″ version=”JWildfire V4.00 revision 2 (20.12.2018)” size=”1600 900″ center=”0.0 0.0″ scale=”182.9268292682927″ rotate=”0.0″ filter=”0.75″ filter_type=”GLOBAL_SHARPENING” filter_kernel=”MITCHELL_SMOOTH” …

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